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What needs to be done to develop local food markets in Tanzania?   Rahma Adam

What needs to be done to develop local food markets in Tanzania?

72 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The inability of the Tanzanian government to create jobs and the shortage of enterprise within the private sector, coupled with the increase in human population in the rural areas, and the decline in price of agricultural products in the world market have contributed to the increase in unemployment and growth of petty-traders in the local food markets in major cities such as Dar-Es-Salaam. Most urban residents prefer to buy food at the local food markets, as opposed to supermarkets; the latter are considered expensive. Therefore, sustainability of the local markets is vital for the country''s economy. This monograph looks at space conditions, business binding constraints faced by small-scale traders in Kinondoni district. It provides policy recommendations to the Kinondoni Municipal Council on how to improve the state of the market and livelihoods of the traders. The state of Kinondoni markets, mirrors conditions of other local food markets in developing countries. ...
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