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Current Status of Wild Olive (Olea cuspidata Wall.ex G. Don)   Paudel Shambhu and Dr Shant Raj Jnawali

Current Status of Wild Olive (Olea cuspidata Wall.ex G. Don)

56 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study was conducted in July, 2009 with the main objective of assessing the status of Olea cuspidata Wall., listed on Red Data Book used by IUCN, in Bajura District of Nepal. Primary data were collected through household meetings, key informant survey, focus group discussion, participatory resource mapping and field inventory. Secondary data were collected through published and unpublished literatures, reports, net surfing, libraries, and other concerned organizations. Distribution area, stem per hector and historical situation were calculated to explore the status of wild olive. GIS was used to calculate the area and prepare distribution map. The major finding of this study reveals that Bajura district has conspicuous potentiality for wild olives but poor knowledge among local people and concerned local government organizations on this particular species pose the species with greater rate of threats. It is found that Olea forest is excluded from the national resource...
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