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The Health Status of People Working on Computers   Shahnaz Sultana

The Health Status of People Working on Computers

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As our planet is being taken over by computers, ergonomics is once again coming into limelight. New dimensions are added to this science, as ergonomics is spreading from factory floors to office spaces. Ergonomics with regard to human-computer interface was a burning issue in the west a few years ago. Studies were conducted and action was taken to mitigate the problems caused. Despite this, only now the issue is gaining significance in India. No doubt, computers are a fact of modern life. The migration towards expanding, career opportunities in information technology are happening with breathtaking speed in India, attracting unbelievably large number of people mostly bright young people. Its occupational environment, however, holds threat of opening or aggravating a basket of health problems, if needed preventive steps are not taken. Generally, occasional aches and pains go away in a day or two, especially when anything is overdone. But if one has the symptoms of "Repetitive Strain...
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