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Assessment of Local Perception of Wealth and Poverty Dynamics   Jegan Ganeshamoorthy and Volker Hoffmann

Assessment of Local Perception of Wealth and Poverty Dynamics

160 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book analyzes the causes, and origins of poverty as these concepts are perceived by the people of Chieng Khoi, Muong Lum communes in Northwestern Vietnam by applying qualitative research approach. Mountainous remotely-located communes consist of ethnic minority groups where poverty rates are over-proportionally high, as well as characterized by disparities in the level of development by ethnicity. Selecting physical, social and cultural key factors, such as land assets, housing, food security, level of income, education, health status, family situation, support networks, shared values, beliefs, knowledge, skills and practices, results highlight and disclose their relationship to poverty and wealth in respect to ethnic membership and seek to categorize poverty into different “lack of major endowment” groups such as food, housing, and health poverty as well as other appearances of poverty. This study should be especially useful to the researchers who are working in poverty related...
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