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Three Essays On Insurance   Reza Ghazal

Three Essays On Insurance

184 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book concentrates on public health insurance scope and impacts of various insurance regimes on accidents in Canada. It is shown that it may be optimal to provide full coverage for some, but no coverage at all for other conditions. An important implication of the result on the impact of horizontal equity on health-care coverage is that primary health care policies which deliver services, such as homecare, to sick people are likely to be highly efficient, particularly as compared to providing additional health care services to these individuals. On investigating how various insurance compensation systems can influence driving behaviors, the results indicate that no-fault rules have led to an increase in fatal accident compared to provinces with tort rules in place but with significant provincial differentiation. On the severity impacts, the results of the Ordered Probit Model on Saskatchewan drivers involved in accidents show that no-fault regime has been associated with shift in...
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