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Support programme for mothers with pregnancy loss   Lebitsi Maud Modiba

Support programme for mothers with pregnancy loss

132 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
1.1 INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND Pregnancy loss can take numerous forms, given individual circumstances surrounding miscarriage. These could be an ectopic pregnancy, stillbirths or neonatal death. Pregnancy loss not only involves the catastrophe of a baby’s death, but also shatters parents’ dreams, plans and hopes. “Grief or mourning”, or bereavement, means to be robbed of something valued, and it indicates that something has been wrongfully and forcibly taken away. Because that something, or someone, has been unfairly taken away, it is understandable that the experience of being bereaved is one of strong, overwhelming and sometimes even violent reactions. (Woods & Esposito, 1987: 120). It is clear from the findings of this study that the doctors and midwives need to work together, and be committed to support the mothers with pregnancy loss. The tears that fell during the interviews in this study send a clear message to the medical fraternity that the mothers with pregnancy loss...
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