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Union is strength Knowledge is power   Jelena Miznikova and Mona Mirshamsi

Union is strength Knowledge is power

88 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today''s competitive environment there is a trend to engage in strategic alliances. Organizations, whether they are commercial or not-for-profit, commonly pursue such practices in order to cope with the resource scarcity in the market place. This management strategy is not only for accessing financial and other material resources but also knowledge. Nowadays knowledge is becoming incredibly specialized and obsolete much faster. In particular, learning alliances have been adopted to facilitate the knowledge transfer between the partner firms. however, relatively less attention has been given to this specific typology of alliances, and even less consideration has been paid to the alliances between commercial and non-commercial firms. This book therefore, provides a model for a successful learning alliance between business schools and service firms where the shared knowledge creates a collective strength. The analysis should be particularly useful for any organization...
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