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Bird Flu Rumour in Bangladesh   Kazi Tamim Rahman,Md. Salauddin Palash and Shaikh Abdus Sabur

Bird Flu Rumour in Bangladesh

172 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Poultry farming on commercial and scientific line was started practically during eighties in Bangladesh. Gainful impacts in terms of employment generation and poverty alleviation are observed in this sector but in recent past it was seriously affected by the rumour of bird flu. Bird flu or Avian Influenza is a viral disease capable of causing extremely high mortality amongst infected poultry. The virus had spread at an incredible rate over the course of the months of January and February 2004 hitting about ten countries in South-East Asia and in USA. Wide coverage of the news of bird flu in the world by different TV channels and newspapers created a suspicion of spreading bird flu in Bangladesh at that time. The death of few thousand commercial poultry birds made this suspicion more strong but the death was caused for wrong vaccination. Though it was proved by the reports of WHO and other organizations that Bangladesh was free from bird flu, the broiler farm owners had to bear huge...
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