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Deterministic mechanics of pricing   Ivan Kitov

Deterministic mechanics of pricing

192 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The book presents a deterministic description of future prices of stocks, goods and services and commodities. Statistically, observed and predicted prices are cointegrated. The overall price inflation is a linear and lagged function of the growth rate of labor force, with projections foreseeing a deflationary period since 2012. There are long-term sustainable trends in the differences between various CPI and PPI subcategories. A deterministic link has been found between stock prices and CPI. To validate the link, empirical models for fifty four S&P 500 companies are presented, with statistically robust price predictions months ahead. One can compile a dynamic portfolio with a deterministic profit. In July 2008, the model would have accurately forecasted negative share prices of Lehman Brothers and AIG. The predictions are likely reliable until their influence on the stock market is negligible. Finally, we validate the link between the S&P 500 returns, real GDP per capita and...
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