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Computerization of Stock Control and Invoicing   Mohammad Zuvair Nahaboo Solim

Computerization of Stock Control and Invoicing

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This report gives a details description of the tasks that have been carried out so far.It consists of an introduction of the company and the overview of the activities carried out by the organization.The aim of this project is to create application software which will be used by the different category of users for Pro Tuning Company.This project was on computerization of stock control and invoicing.Pro Tuning Company is a computerized system where all transactions of the company will be kept in a database.This project was developed on Visual Basic.Net and Structured Query Language 2000 as database.Overall the software has achieve the goals expected and has found the solutions to the problems encountered.Every process of the system is done accurately and reports can be derived easily.Through loads of research and practice,I have been able to build a working system from scratch.In fact I have been learning VB.net and SQL Server 2000 from the incremental development of my project.The new...
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