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R&D decisions and theirimportance in acompany's strategies   Swati Gulhati

R&D decisions and theirimportance in acompany's strategies

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research and Development decisions are a Universal phenomenon, central to the successfulfunctioning of any organization. This commences from the very Natural habitat around usconsisting of biological organisms, species, tribes, and in fact the entire Eco system evolvesdue to an innate R&D.Research and Development has long been acknowledged as central to the sustenance and growth of all entities, and most companies include R&D in their plan outlays. The study explores the need of R&D in businesses , along with the process adopted by different companies to reach their final product or service. The findings of this research illustrate the importance of research and development activities in companies. Carried out on a mix of companies representative of very varied segments that ranged from Retail store to Food processing, Apparel export to Oil and lubrication, and evenEducational institutions, this study has revealed that certain different rationales may motivatedifferent people for the...
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