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Evaluation of Semantic Applications for Enterprises   Marek Nekvasil

Evaluation of Semantic Applications for Enterprises

164 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Broader and broader areas of application deployment are covered by semantic technologies recently and in the meantime their scope is increasing constantly. The possibilities of semantic applications are now so vast that they cannot be judged as a single market segment any more. The business skepticism that arises due to the uncertainty of investments in such technologies is only augmented by these differences. Picking up on that this book concentrates on the aspects that can enable and evaluate not only the economic efficiency of engaging the semantic technologies in a business environment but also the effectiveness of doing so. The results presented are supported by the underlying background researches in the fields of Semantic Technologies and IT assessment both of whose state-of-the-art methods are described here. Usability of the current standardized methods (such as those used in COBIT) for assessing semantic applications is also considered with respect to the ...
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