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Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry in West Bengal   Sabyasachi Ojha and Bidhan Chandra Roy

Fruit and Vegetable Processing Industry in West Bengal

200 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book analyses the challenges, potentials and opportunities of agribusiness sector in West Bengal and then builds a strong case for development of fruit and vegetable processing industry to overcome the twin problem of rural unemployment and huge post harvest losses. Written in a very simple and lucid style, the book attempts to document and analyse the complex processes and outcomes related to agri-business management in fruit and vegetable processing sector in West Bengal in particular and in India in general. The thematic issues of constraints to the development of agri-business, opportunities and impacts of policy interventions towards agribusiness sector, covered in this book, are expected to be of interest for a wide constituency, including researchers, agri-business entrepreneurs, rural animators, and policy makers.
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