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Post-consumerist Sharing   Gianluca De Santis

Post-consumerist Sharing

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book explores the recent rise of consumer-to-consumer share-based online marketplaces emerged in the wake of social commerce and collaborative consumption, as well as the sources of value creation on such marketplaces. Regardless of the increasing attention from both academics and practitioners, the review conducted revealed that literature developed largely in silos and has yet to adopt a widely accepted language. Consequently, the intended contributions of this book are twofold. First, to bridge the gaps between the various approaches, thus situating C2C marketplaces within the social commerce and collaborative consumption framework. Second, grounded in the different theories on value creation and in the analysis of seven case studies, to identify the sources of value creation in C2C share-based marketplaces, and organize them into an ad hoc developed model. The analysis indicates that, independently of the industry the C2C markets belong to, value creation hinges on...
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