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Evaluation of Motivation of Faculty in Ghana Higher Education   Gerald D. Gyamfi

Evaluation of Motivation of Faculty in Ghana Higher Education

80 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Dissertation provides Critical Evaluation of Motivation and Retention of Higher Education Faculty. It was written out of a descriptive study done on 190 Faculty members from all the then six public Universities in Ghana in 2005. The field study was carried out by a team of researchers in Ghana who wanted to find out more about the perception of the faculty on the factors that were compelling them to hang on to teach despite their numerous agitation during the period of study. Findings from the analysis of data collected through interviews, questionnaire and study of documents from the public universities came out with the results that most of the Faculty were not happy with most of the extrinsic factors such as their pay and some other allowances offered them. High attrition rate of the faculty was revealed from the findings. Most of them were motivated by some extrinsic factors such as prestige as Lecturers in higher education,time available for them to do their private...
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