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A Guide to Human Resource Management   Muhammad Hashim

A Guide to Human Resource Management

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Commerce and Business administration are fast moving subjects. The persons or people who are to enter in these profession must acquaint themselves with the fundamentals and new developments of business organization and management especially Human Resource Management.This book fulfills the primarily needs of the students of the management sciences (MBA, M.com) and is equally useful for those persons who are businessmen and want to know a basic of Human Resource Management. The purpose of this book is to enable the readers to understand the fundamentals of HRM. The book is designed for introductory course in Human Resource Management. “A Guide to Human Resource Management” is written in a simple and self teaching style, the book is basically students oriented it provides the students a background in HRM. The book contains a complete overview of the filed with details and every attempt has been made to make the field of Human Resource Management very easy.
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