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Streamlining Estate Related Activities Of ONGC,Ahmedabad Asset   Ather Qureshi

Streamlining Estate Related Activities Of ONGC,Ahmedabad Asset

120 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The project was conducted on the Gujarat Forward base at Ahmedabad. I was assigned to undergo my internship in the Estate Division which is under the HR Department of ONGC Ahmedabad Asset. The activities and the operations of the Estate Division are primarily under the General Administration section. This division looks after various issues pertaining to statutory payments and various property taxes, allotting quarters for the ONGC employees, collection of rent and updating rent records, prime requirements of office premises, dealing with the contractual workers issue and few more. The main aim of the project was to streamline the estate related issues to make the daily operations of ONGC smooth and more efficient. A research was also conducted on the issues which showed the satisfaction level of the employees pertaining to issues that are; housekeeping facility in the office premises, office equipment.
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