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Breaking Uncertainties for Product Offerings   Allan Ashok Kumar and Giang Chau Trinh

Breaking Uncertainties for Product Offerings

152 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In the last decade, PSS (Product/Service System) emerged as a new effective business model in aiding manufacturers to significantly increase productivity and customer’s satisfaction, whilst minimizing environmental impact. PSS contributes drastically to the development of an innovative transaction trend, in which rather than just providing physical products separately, industrial companies are focusing on integrated service offers and customer’s need fulfillment. However, to implement PSS successfully, manufacturers have to overcome many challenges and uncertainties. The uncertainties in the PSS planning phase are related to market, environment or company analysis; while reliability, product/service integration, supplier coordination etc in the design and development stages are considered as potential uncertainties. In order to fulfill this urgent need, our book aims to develop a holistic framework in order to manage risks occurring in PSS planning, design and development stages....
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