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Knowledge-Based Performance Measurement Systems   Dermawan Wibisono

Knowledge-Based Performance Measurement Systems

296 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As global competition has intensified, manufacturers have had to rethink their approach to the manufacturing activity in the factory.Companies are now recognizing the importance of defining strategic objectives based on current and future market requirements and by developing Performance Measurement Systems (PMS) consistent with these requirements. The issue of appropriate PMS is thus a very significant one to consider. Not only can performance affect the commercial success of manufacturing companies, but in the present economic climate, many manufacturers will be looking for appropriate information about their internal processes to establish ways of cost-cutting, of enhance performance and generally of building better products and services in a shrinking market. This book focuses specifically on designing and managing performance of a manufacturing unit from the corporate level to the shop floor level.It seeks to fill some of the gaps in the research by addressing three areas:...
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