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Job Satisfaction   R. Seleena and Edwin Gnanadhas

Job Satisfaction

240 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Education is a basic human right and its function is to develop the talents of the individual to the fullest extent possible to enable him to participate freely with a free society schools instill basic values according to criteria of principles and not of expediency. Education is conceived as a powerful agency, which is instrumental in bringing about the desired changes in the socio cultural life of nation. Teacher occupies a strategic position in the educational pattern of the country. Prof. Humayun Kabir rigidly stated, “Without good Teachers even the best of the system is bound to fail. With good Teachers even the defect of a system can be largely overcome”. A Teacher is a dynamic person he plays many different and vital roles in the grooming and development of his student’s personalities. It is always desirable to select competent Teachers with physical and mental health. In addition, the Teacher is expected to have full command on the subject matter and dedication to the...
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