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Occupational Stress among Industrial workers   Lovy Sarikwal

Occupational Stress among Industrial workers

216 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Occupational Stress among Industrial Workers: The book focuses on the complexities and increased pressures of life where human constitution and capacities are being taxed severely. This book is specifically beneficial for researchers , practitioners and academicians as it gives a broad coverage of the theories and factors causing stress in the workplace. Recently, job stress has come into prominent work-related subjects for academic and operations research.Therefore book aims at making a thorough investigation of the effects of occupational stress in the selected number of large, medium and small size industries and thus explains the concept of stress, traces out its early physiological understandings, highlights its effects, identifies its forms, analysis its causes, brings out its symptoms, discusses its theories and examines rated aspects and perspectives. Besides this the empirical analysis has been done through appropriate statistical tools to draw broad conclusions and...
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