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The Strike: A Concerted Industrial Action in Thailand   Jamnean Joungtrakul

The Strike: A Concerted Industrial Action in Thailand

188 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Most conflicts between the two major actors in the industrial relations system, employers and unions, are resolved through collective bargaining. However, to enforce their demands, industrial action is used from time to time by both employers and unions. Industrial action can take various forms. It can be either collective action for example a strike or individual actions such as absenteeism. Due to its strong impact, striking has usually received wider public attention than other types of industrial action.Strikes impact not only employers but also various groups of stakeholders including other employees,the unemployed, customers and public welfare.Ten important issues related to the strike are presented and discussed in this book.Prevention of concerted industrial action and settlement of labour disputes through various measures are also presented and discussed. The cultural approach to industrial relations and the new Thai industrial relations model are presented. This book will...
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