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Capital Structure Determinants   Yiwen Wei

Capital Structure Determinants

96 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The capital structure has remained a controversial topic in corporate finance over the last two decades. A proper financing mix contributes to firm value maximization while an unpremeditated decision poses threat to firm survival. Nevertheless, the disparities exist when it comes to capital structure determinants: on one hand, some capital structure theories have provided some guidance; on the other hand, the empirical results are more often than not contradictory. Traditionally, the capital structure of Dutch firms is not well studied as G-7 countries and the evidence that is after 1997 is not available. However, the financial crisis which commences at 2008 is expected to alter capital structure determinants of Dutch firms to some extent. To investigate the temporal developments, this book provides an up to date empirical result to compare with previous Dutch evidences. The analysis should be helpful for management personnel who face the capital structure decisions or Finance...
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