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The role of social capital in French entrepreneurial networks   Rita Klapper

The role of social capital in French entrepreneurial networks

488 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
There is a growing recognition that networks and networking are increasingly important for today's entrepreneurs and successful start-ups. The success or failure of a venture may depend on the quality of entrepreneurial contacts and their social capital. In particular very little is known about the role of social capital in French entrepreneurial networks at the pre-start-up stage. This book explores the structural, relational and cognitive dimensions of social capital and their interrelatedness. A multi-method approach is adopted consisting of semi-structured interviews, participant observation and repertory grids, the methodological tool from George Kelly's Personal Construct Theory. This book provides a unique insight into French entrepreneurial networking at the pre-start-up stage where the foundations are laid for a successful venture development. As such the analysis and findings are particularly relevant for business support organisations, educational policy makers,...
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