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The Contemporary Management Research Handbook   Subrata Debnath

The Contemporary Management Research Handbook

596 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book contains a cluster of thoughtful and philosophical research papers, policy papers, conceptual papers, case studies, and articles on different functionalities of management and its allied subjects so as to understand how the academics of the relevant discipline view the present shop-floor scenario. The book will provide a bird’s-eye view on the emerging trends in researches on management and its allied subjects. The book has four sections, namely Financial Management Section, Human Resource Management Section, Marketing Management Section, and the Section of Inter-disciplinary issues. Every section consists of seven papers and thus the book contains twenty eight papers in total. The papers are contributed by a group of academicians, research scholars and industry professionals of Central Universities, State Universities and other reputed B-schools and industries of India, USA and Mexico. As such, it is expected that the young research scholars, academicians, corporate...
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