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Turning strategies into value   Loi Teck Hui

Turning strategies into value

264 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Business world is globalized and dynamic. The internet and brand extension, namely, have eroded traditional entry barriers. Conventional strategy models need to be reconceived for managerial relevance. Industrial organization (IO) and Resource-based view (RBV) explain different viewpoints on how a firm can achieve above average returns. This book examines their interactive effects in three different knowledge contexts: operations management, international business and organizational resource capabilities. An effective strategy is possible when there is a good fit between the organizational internal (RBV) and external (IO) effects. The findings from the rigorous triangulation case research on two interesting Chinese and an emerging firm suggest that, the interfaces between the IO and the RBV facilitate rent generation and are not necessarily boundaries. Though both paradigms have different performance dimensions, a firm’s capabilities of managing their interfaces in all organizational...
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