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Key factors influencing employee motivation and productivity   VASSILIS VASSILIOU

Key factors influencing employee motivation and productivity

128 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today''s dynamic economic environment, customer needs and demanding organizations are increasing. In order for the organizations, both of the private and public sector to confront the fast changes, they are forced to change their vision, mission, and structure. An organization is effective to the degree to which it achieves its goals and should make sure that there is a spirit of cooperation and sense of commitment and satisfaction within the sphere of its influence. In order to make employees satisfied and committed to their job in the Public Works Department (P.W.D), there is a need for strong and effective motivation at all levels of management and sections of the Department. This study focuses on the analysis and assessment of the working environment of the Limassol District Public Works Department and identifies how job motivation, one of the important activities of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behaviour, can affect organisational success,...
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