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Formalization in an Organization   Laurenti Masui

Formalization in an Organization

108 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this study it is found that personal characteristics of the supervisors: education experience and position / level in an organization help one into knowing performing and even determining the role expected and its perception. Supervisors with requisite knowledge in their position were found out to clearly know what was expected of them and in perceiving their roles. The supervisors are being aided by various aspects of formalization in performing their roles. Organizations are helped in the processes to be undertaken by the supervisors, setting the roles and expectations towards different office holders in their supervisory duties. Thirdly, the way in which the supervisors perceive as being the demand of formalization directly relates to the way they perceive their roles in an organization. Lastly, the extent of such demands influences the supervisors’ perception of the degree of their involvement in decision making. The main conclusion of the study is that contrary to the claim...
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