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The Entrepreneur and His Challenges A Practical Approach   FRED MAIRURA

The Entrepreneur and His Challenges A Practical Approach

196 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Entrepreneurs operating micro and small enterprises are limited in their performance by constraints that are either institutional, infrastructural or economic. Accordingly, both Entrepreneurs'' capabilities at the micro level, and the respective Governments at the macro level, have been blamed not only for the high level of failures of business start-ups, but also for limited growth of operating entrepreneurs.Tackling entrepreneurship challenges is what differentiates successful and unsuccessful entrepreneurs. It is thus critical that a practicing entrepreneur recognizes and identifies the specific constraints facing him and his enterprise, in order to formulate appropriate strategies to cope with those constraints. This book consists of well researched work, and demonstrates how entrepreneurs operating micro and small enterprises may: i) Identify and prioritize the constraints they face; ii) Differentiate between perceived and real constraints; iii) Analyze the potential effect of...
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