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Innovation Management in Ghana   Stephen Kpinpuo

Innovation Management in Ghana

152 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
In the last few decades, universities have come under much pressure to expand access to affordable university education through a more innovative mode of delivery – distance education. In Ghana, although many public universities have adopted this alternative mode of instructional delivery for nearly two decades now, not up to half of qualified applicants are able to gain access to university education. Yet, very little literature has examined the operations of the Ghanaian innovators. In response to this educational crisis, this book assessed the effectiveness of four public sector Distance Education Programs (DEPs) in Ghana by examining elements of accessibility, affordability, equity, funding, program offerings, and administration. The evaluative study, conducted at both individual program and across-program levels, revealed that the DEPs were only 25% effective, particularly in their pursuit of national interests. As a result, the book made many innovative recommendations for...
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