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The Globally Responsible Leader   Bertha Lucia Fries Martinez

The Globally Responsible Leader

92 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
A new dynamic force for change in business, government, and other organizations has emerged, which at CEC International we call Global Responsibility (GR). GR integrates into one inclusive model the emergent models known as: Business Ethics, Corporate Citizenship, CSR, Great Place to Work, Sustainable Development, and others. This unprecedented change, rather than being led internally by management, is externally driven by the organization’s stakeholders, including consumers, investors, media, activists and concerned citizens. They are progressively putting pressure on organizational leaders to change both how their companies make profits and what they do with them. An unparalleled need exists for leaders who are profoundly conscious, grounded on values, innovative and effective in creating sustainable development and the common good in today’s world. The book suggests a framework for designing, developing, and assessing the key attributes that such globally responsible leader should...
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