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Personal Effectiveness among professionals: A comprehensive study   Sadaf Fatima

Personal Effectiveness among professionals: A comprehensive study

72 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Everyone wants personal effectiveness but what does it mean? It must be something different from simply achieving one's goals because one could do so in a very wasteful, overly time consuming or sloppy way. It could be define as making best use of time and all other personal resources at one’s disposal. This means achieving the goals efficiently. It's like investment, getting the best possible return. Personal effectiveness means making the most at all personal resources at one’s disposal – the personal talents, energy and better utilization of time. Developing personal effectiveness evokes an easy sense of familiarity. External competitive environment with increased social complexities have offered numerous challenges on the people, resulting in greater stress. This places greater demands on all the professional people to re-look into their roles and prepare them-selves to meet the challenges. This calls for greater need for developing personal competence and self-management...
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