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Strategic Challenges in Youth Employment Policy in Narok North,Kenya   Hilip Wambua Peter,Soila Nancy and Anne Wambui Muchemi

Strategic Challenges in Youth Employment Policy in Narok North,Kenya

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Youth education and training affects implementation of youth policy.Lack of collateral is a challenge faced by the youth in accessing credit.Youth are not aware of all credit facilities available to them in the fight of poverty and they lack skills in managing and planning of personal budget.The book reveals that ICT can assist the youth create jobs,search for jobs and assist in income generation.There is a gap between the youth and policy implementers which hinders the youth from participating fully in policy implementation.It is recommended that education and training should match the market demand.Microfinance institutions should make funding more accessible,accomodative and affordable to the youth.The Government should make ICT skills and services more available and affordable in the rural areas.More youth should be involved in all stages of decision making.
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