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Online community portals for enhanced Customer Relationship Management   Zenia Barnard

Online community portals for enhanced Customer Relationship Management

316 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Establishing and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships between an organisation and its stakeholders is a top priority for any institution that wants to prosper in a fast-changing and highly competitive market. Alumni, as a key stakeholder group of universities, is a prime example. But do they actually want contact with their Alma Mater? If so, what exactly do they want, and in what format do they want it? The “one-size- fits-all” notion with regard to communication and information sharing with stakeholders is placed under the spotlight to explore more customised options. One such option is to establish an online community portal whereby a customised approach is taken in terms of information content, communication, context and commerce in accordance with the mission and vision of the organisation. A University of Johannesburg case study was conducted due to the complex, post-merger nature of its alumni target audience, but the research findings could be applied...
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