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Culture as the Basis of Systemic Competitiveness Of Organizations   Oleksii Haharinov,Petro Kobziev and Alona Kotliar

Culture as the Basis of Systemic Competitiveness Of Organizations

68 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The given peer – reviewed scientific work has become the result of many years of system research on the development and application of constructive system approach in the area of creation, organization of functioning and development of organizational and social economic systems. Its main purpose is to contribute to the solution of global problems of the modern world: economic, energy, social, environmental and other ones, through the transition to a new paradigm of humanity development. In general, the main results of this work are the conceptual and applied provisions of the new paradigm of humanity development, the essence of which is creation, education and development of a new – generation man: life in harmony with the outer and inner world. First of all, this book is written for state system’s management and also for all decision makers. Moreover, it can be useful for absolutely every person, who is striving to improve the quality of life without damage for environment.
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