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Importance of Corporate Governance in B-School Curriculum   Sreeja Nair and Sudhir Baweja

Importance of Corporate Governance in B-School Curriculum

64 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Corporate governance has secured a very important position in today’s world, particularly due to high profile collapses of a number of MNCs. To enhance its usage and understanding in today’s business and society, one need to bring it into the focus of each and every individual, but to bring it into actual practice one need to start with the emerging future managers of our generation. This study assumes that ethically and socially responsible management can practice and implement good governance in the organization and business schools as supplier of business managers can play their role more actively by nurturing the codes of good governance in the minds of business graduates resulting in their moral development and enabling them to respect the rights of other stakeholders. Taking up this issue, the study investigates the perception of future managers towards Corporate Governance and explores its scope in the courses of business schools. This study develops an estimate of the levels...
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