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Factors Hindering Unemployed Youth from Starting Own Business   Binyam Zewde

Factors Hindering Unemployed Youth from Starting Own Business

160 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For years academicians as well as practitioners were trying to give solutions to the problems of unemployment, particularly youth unemployment. In spite of their efforts still we got millions of youth who are looking for a job. The reasons for the failure are multifaceted,though many economics as well as business scholars believe that it is the result of poor governments support. Still we have other groups of scholars who consider the external environment and society's attitude as a major factors for this high unemployment. But, yet no work have been done which take these different factors into one framework. To fill this gap this book took new way of addressing the problem by inculcating the three basic determinants of starting own business so as to indicate issues which require policy measures to help the youth create their own job. The book explained factors which retarded the youth intention to start own business and it also analyzed the impact of family entrepreneurial...
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