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Marketing of financial services   Teki Surayya

Marketing of financial services

168 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This research study had been conceived taking heed at swift metamorphosis that have been taking in Indian economy and financial system. Especially since 1991 Indian economy has undergone a sea change in its structure, policy and regulation, due to liberalization, globalization, de-protection, divestment etc. Markets for various products and services are no exception this. And that provoked a thought to apply marketing wisdom into the financial service sector which is an integrated part of the whole economy. The present study titled as “Marketing of Merchant Banking, Factoring, Lease Financing, and Venture capital as financial services, with special reference to selected financial institutions in Bombay”, mainly segmented into three parts, 1st part includes study notes about Indian financial system, in which all selected four financial services, viz factoring, venture capital , merchant banking and lease financing sub-sets, marketing of services in general and financial...
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