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Effects Of Agile Software Development On Project Management   Malik Kamran Iqbal,Muhammad Kamran Khalid and Isma Zulfiqar

Effects Of Agile Software Development On Project Management

148 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Agile software development methodologies are way better than the traditional software development methodologies especially when the teams are small and the environment and customer requirements are constantly changing. Pakistani software industry derives its revenues largely from providing consulting services instead of developing own products. This case especially requires extreme involvement of the customer. Also the software specifications are more likely to get changed in this case since the customer wants the software to fulfill their requirement no matter how many times the changes have to be made. An exploratory survey in 29 IT companies has been carried out in the cities if Islamabad and Rawalpindi to find out the awareness level as well as the industry opinion about the significance of Agile software development methodologies.
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