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Knowledge Building Through Sensemaking: Connecting the Dots   Melanie Minarik

Knowledge Building Through Sensemaking: Connecting the Dots

168 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Our society lives in an era of both excess of information and deprivation of knowledge. The overload of information stresses many areas in society and can lead to intellectual paralysis, poor decision-making, missed opportunities, and/or hindered growth of individuals and their communities. The information has continued to grow at a remarkable pace, but its slow transformation into the new currency of the knowledge economy is not keeping step with the need. One theory of knowledge growth is sensemaking - a cognitive theory and model of interpreting and constructing the reality around us (Weick, 1995). The results of this study supported Weick''s model in its component structures, but also demonstrated non-linearity of its process. Overall, this research informed both the theory and the model and generated implications to practice and future research questions that should be considered. While this study focused on business executives, it highlighted the significance of exploring...
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