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Comparative Human Resource Management   Stephen Nyambegera

Comparative Human Resource Management

588 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Research in the field of comparative human resource management has attracted a great deal of interest. However, the majority of research has concentrated on differences across countries within the European Union (EU) or between developed countries and newly commercializing regions such as China. The circumstances confronting developing countries, have generally been ignored. Substantial literature has emerged asserting that culturally, employees in developing countries hold values different from those in developed countries. The question of transfer-ability of human resource management theories becomes evident. These book answers several questions regarding the influence of culture on human resource management preferences, person-organization fit and job involvement in Africa.This book is useful to expatriate and local managers working in developing countries of Africa and more especially Kenya. Students pursuing a PhD will find this book useful more especially on how to...
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