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Perceived Management Support and Training Effectiveness for Employees   Usama Wali Khan

Perceived Management Support and Training Effectiveness for Employees

112 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The development and training of employees become important for the benefits and success of an organization and for the trainees themselves too, therefore, more investments are done in this training sector. Training is the most essential factor in any organization as today’s world is rapidly changing so organizations need to focus mainly on the factors such as effective training and management support, that will help them to sustain in the business environment so they can manage to pace with the competitions going around. The topic of my research is “Perceived Management Support and Training Effectiveness for Employees”. In this paper I have tried to explain how the management supports its employees for an effective training within an organization. Training is an important factor for any firm for a positive growth in business but this factor is sometimes neglected as organizations ignore training impact on its employees and management does not support in giving training too. It becomes...
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