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Organisational Change Evaluated in Cultural Context   Katlin Pulk

Organisational Change Evaluated in Cultural Context

92 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Globalisation forces companies to continuously seek improvements in customer orientation, quality, and cost reduction. In recent years off-shoring and outsourcing have became popular trends. Such trends have had an impact on how Danfoss has been running its businesses. Danfoss has outsourced its large scale routine accounting transactions to outside service provider. The aim of this book is to evaluate the success of this change seen by those involved and investigate a possible connection between the perceived success of the change and the organisational culture. In order to define both the current and desired cultural profiles the Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument created by Cameron and Quinn was utilized. For evaluating the success of recent changes and the change management process, additional questionnaires based on Carnall’s checklist were used. The analyses presented in this book should be interesting to anyone interested in organisational change...
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