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Impact of rewards on the Job performance   Hira Aftab and Tehmina Kausar

Impact of rewards on the Job performance

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The research has been conducted on the impact of rewards on job performance on the employees of telecommunication sector of Pakistan. This research aims to determine the stage of fulfillment of financial and delight workers on their built-in benefits. Further tried to assess the level of accomplishment of financial and delight workers on their exterior benefits. The purpose of research is to recognize the benefits that is efficiently associated with personnel performance in the financial and welcome areas. While tried to determine if there are significant versions in the stage of satisfaction on advantages between economical and welcome market employees. Data was collected from 300 employees of telecommunication sector using questionnaire whose reliability is above 92 percent. Tool of data analysis is SPSS, While in depth analysis has been performed on every variable and its dimension
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