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The Global M&A Lessons from the Chinese IT Giants Lenovo and Acer   David Ming Liu

The Global M&A Lessons from the Chinese IT Giants Lenovo and Acer

424 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
With the ever growing economic power of the emerging economies, increasing numbers of multinational corporations (MNCs) from these countries are aggressively expanding internationally by acquiring well known western brands by using cross border merging and acquisitions (M&A). Some incurred huge initial costs due to lack of global understanding. Some eventually learned to be successful through active trial and error in foreign countries. The lessons from the Chinese IT giants Lenovo and Acer indicated that MNCs from emerging economies can learn how to integrate the acquired companies efficiently and effectively after experiential learning through their dynamic capabilities enhancement. This book combines academic work with first hand expertise from IT professionals to provide a theoretical framework and practical lessons for a profitable cross-border M&A by MNCs from the developing country to succeed in a developed economy by intensive global learning.
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