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Studies on Buying Behaviour in NCR   Meenakshi Saxena

Studies on Buying Behaviour in NCR

160 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Retailing is a part of our everyday activities which is often taken for granted for people living in metros, large or small cities and towns. It is a familiar phenomenon because there are number of markets, different types of shops and many shops competing among themselves for selling similar goods. Retailing has now taken shape of an organized business where a supermarket/ hypermarket is as big as a market of a small city and it comprises of different kinds of products/ services providers.1 Retail sector of Indian economy is undergoing a paradigm shift. This sector has grown substantially and rapidly during the past few years and liberalized policies of government indicate its even faster growth in future. India known as nation of shopkeepers and has the highest shop density in the world - one retail outlet for around 90 persons. Retail industry which is US $ 300 billion in 2006 and it is likely to reach 427 billion US dolor by 2010 and to 637 billion US $ by 2015.2 The growth of...
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