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Human Capital Development   Indradevi Balasundaram

Human Capital Development

176 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In an information-based economy, an organization’s real value resides in the collective experience and intelligence of its people. The key to competitive advantage is the willingness and ability to share the knowledge, skills and attitudes found in Human Capital. This book comprises of the experiences drawn from eminent practitioners in the Software Industry. This book seeks answers to some of the growing concerns of Human Resource specialist on how strategically HR should acquire, develop, deploy, maintain and retain the Human Capital to get the desired outcome. This book explored the current literature on human capital and its impact on employee capability and organizational performance. A conceptual model proved by the author is presented in the book which shows a strong and high positive relationship between Human Capital Development practices and Employee Capability and Organizational Performance. The research findings provided in the book has reasonably strong evidences to...
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