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A Scheme of TQM Implementation   Khandaker Dahirul Islam

A Scheme of TQM Implementation

132 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The quality of the teachers is a great concern now a day. It is too important for a nation that how the requirements of the teachers and students are getting fulfilled. For improving the quality of education, there is no exception but to analyze those issues in the context of academic institutions. In this book, the way in which these institutions are working with quality issues now will be compared with a TQM approach and the weaknesses and strengths of the quality work of these institutions will be recognized. TQM is spread mostly in manufacturing farms and in some kinds of service businesses. There is not much done in TQM implementation in universities or academic research areas. That’s why this book tends to highlight the general principles of TQM involved and to point out how this approach has been and can be used to improve the quality of an academic institution. The work has been specified for higher educational institutes in Bangladesh and will cover the whole of institution,...
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