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The context of managerial work in luxury hotels in Greece   Charalampos Giousmpasoglou

The context of managerial work in luxury hotels in Greece

388 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Studies of managerial work span more than half a century, nevertheless there is no clear account of the managerial work context and content. The dominance of the N. American school of thought in Management and the rapid global expansion of the American multinational companies, was based on the creation of common (standard) managerial practices and procedures. Since the 1980s, this 'universality' of managerial work has been challenged by taking seriously in consideration the role of context, and more specifically national culture. This qualitative study explores the interplay between managerial work roles and competencies with the local/national context. More specifically it focuses in luxury hotel senior managers in Greece, and unearths the importance of contextual variables such as the ownership status, the organisational, local and national culture. The findings suggest that a) context matters in managerial work, and b) that the set of roles performed and competencies exercised...
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