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Best performing Equity MF Portfolio during the current global slump   Sakshi Goel

Best performing Equity MF Portfolio during the current global slump

180 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Increased job searches, growing loan defaults, shriveling salaries, collapsing investment are all the aftermaths of so called "worst global recession since the Great Depression".This slump has not left anyone unscathed.Investor’s main dilemma is "where is his investment secure?". The recessionary phase has smashed an investor’s faith and also has taught him to save money for the rainy days wisely. This book, therefore attempts to guide various investors and fund managers on finding out the best performing equity MF which promises to deliver healthy results even during the lull phase. A bouquet of 11 companies was prepared and various portfolios were constructed and evaluated from April''07 to March''09 which encased the recessionary phase of the global economy and its impact. These portfolios were dissected by deploying simple yet effective statistical tools like Mean, Standard deviation, Beta and Correlation of coefficient and then assessed by Sharpe and Treynor...
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